7th to 16th September 2018

Forty... Shychetype Portraits by Photographer Shy Burhan

I turned Forty years of age in February 2018 and have approached this landmark year with a sense of optimism and curiosity for what lies ahead.

I decided I want to document forty people who are or will be forty in 2018, and I was keen to explore what significance this age meant for them, at this point in time.

The process entailed a brief phone chat, an hour long (recorded) interview from which I conceptualise their portrait and then I shoot this ‘conceptual portrait’ that is individual to them.

Shooting ends on 31st December 2018.

The first twenty images will be launched in September at the Saltaire Festival and then they shall be projected on the Big Screen Bradford to coincide with the Illuminate Bradford, and then the second set of images shall be revealed in January 2019.

Holding Space Gallery is located in the Dandelion vegan cafe which will be open throughout the exhibition.

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