7th to 16th September 2018

The Ballad of Little Beck

A walking tour with live music, poems and storytelling along the way.

The Ballad of Little Beck explores the romance of the landscape west of Saltaire, a realm of chuckling streams and wandering balladeers.

Journeying from Roberts Park, we travel uphill via Loadpit Beck, and then track the modest stream known as Little Beck along its downhill meander to the Aire, through the haunted ruins of Titus Salt Jr’s Milner Field estate.

Presented by Eddie Lawler (‘the Bard of Saltaire’) and Steve Scott-Bottoms (Multi-Story Water).

Please note: footpaths are sometimes steep or uneven and sturdy footwear is advised.

The Ballad of Little Beck features new performance material in a ‘live re-mix’ with selected sections from the downloadable audio guide, Salt’s Waters, by the same artists: see www.saltswaters.co.uk for details.

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