Artist of the Day, Helen Shearwood

Artist of the Day, Helen Shearwood

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Date(s) - 17/09/2020 to 30/09/2020
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Introducing Helen Shearwood

Helen is fascinated by the way things can change if viewed in a different light and believes there is beauty to be found in everything. Starting with close-up photographs of ordinary, everyday things, Helen experiments with different media and techniques, allowing the process to unfold in its own way. Her hand embellishments and creative exploration are a continuation of the celebration of hidden beauty. And in this current climate of uncertainty, Helen feels it is the perfect time to focus on, and to highlight, the certainty of the infinite beauty in this world. To see more email Helen


Contact details for buying work

‘Mist in the Valley’, Watercolour collage, 11.5 x 28cm art size (unframed), £55.


‘Perpetual Palette 1’, Photography collage, 115.5 x 57cm (framed), £243.

‘Perpetual Palette 2’, Watercolour collage, 115.5 x 57cm (framed), £243.


‘Pools of Jewels’, Acrylic on photograph, 44.4 x 30.2cm mount size (unframed), £45


‘Rolling Dales’, Watercolour collage, 11.5 x 28cm art size (unframed), £55.


‘Soft Lunar Glow’, Watercolour, 33 x 47.5cm (framed) £98.