Green Aire prose competition

To celebrate the revival of our river, the Aire Rivers Trust has teamed up with Saltaire Festival to run a Short Story Competition, ‘Green Aire’. Together we want to publish a book of writing about the river. If you’re a keen hobby writer and would like to see your name in print…read on!

Our wish is to encourage a love for the river Aire and its tributaries and so your story must have a link to the River Aire.

The river can be where your story takes place, or perhaps your story is about the animals who live in or by the river, maybe the river is central to the plot of your story, or you might even use the river as a character.

The theme is “Green Aire”

All entries to be emailed to by midnight on 20th September

There are two entry categories: Children and young people under the age of 18 (maximum word count 500 words) Adults over 18 (maximum word count 2,000 words)

The word total includes the title

There is no entry fee for this competition

For a full set of rules please go to

The winners of both categories will be included in the Saltaire Festival Poetry and Prose Anthology 2020.