7th to 16th September 2018

Help To Make The Festival Happen – New Volunteers Always Welcome

Crowds at Saltire Festival

Planning for the 2016 Saltaire Festival is well underway and full details of the programme will be announced in July.

But it’s not too late to help make this year’s festival happen – email volunteers@saltairefestival.co.uk to offer your time and skills.

Saltaire Festival is wholly planned, organised and run by a surprisingly small band of volunteers and is a not-for-profit event.

“The festival has grown over the years but is still run by unpaid volunteers, with the core team barely a dozen strong and only a handful of trustees making up the board,” said Ros Garside, chair of the board of trustees.

“Among many people, there’s an expectation that the festival just ‘happens’ each September but it’s a year-round task to plan, organise and fundraise for, and most of its 30,000 visitors will have little idea of the amount of work this requires behind the scenes.

“The transient nature of Saltaire’s population – and the many community groups within the village – makes it more difficult to retain a large enough group of volunteers with the relevant skills.

“The board is drawn from volunteers and it’s important this reflects the local community as the festival belongs to Saltaire – it links up and works with village organisations and local businesses, as well as residents.

“A lot of volunteers get involved when they’re new to the village and we can use all kinds of professional skills but inevitably there is turnover, particularly when people move on.
“We need to strengthen the team and our board to ensure the longer-term viability of the festival.”

In addition to practical help during the festival itself, a wide range of skills are required year-round. These include: event planning and delivery; data management; selling advertising; writing funding bids; bookkeeping and invoicing; liaising with contractors and third parties; creating website content; running social media accounts; promoting events; creating the printed festival guide; organising and supporting volunteers (this is not an exhaustive list!).

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