Do you want to help create Saltaire Lockdown Archive?

Do you want to help create Saltaire Lockdown Archive?

As we write, we are all making history, dealing with the unique experience of Covid-19 and lockdown in our different ways. In Saltaire, we are continuing to develop the social and creative history of this vibrant place and are supporting each other by finding new routes to coming together as a community.

As the Saltaire Festival, in its traditional form, has been a casualty of COVID 2020 we wanted to find a way to celebrate how Saltaire and the local area have adapted. There have been so many ways that local people have creatively coped with the situation that we have lived through in 2020.  These ways of helping our own health and mental health in these times deserve recognition and a way of remembering these historic events.

The Festival Board has formed a partnership with other local organisations to create a Lockdown Archive using community contributions. We would love to see how you have handled day to day life?  What are the things that have made you smile?  How has home schooling been going? What has been useful to help you deal with separation from family and friends.

So how do we do this?

We are hoping that the local community will submit visual representations (photos, videos) of what has helped you, what has been the most important part of lockdown, what new skills and passions you have developed and even what has been the biggest challenge.

To make it as accessible as possible in these difficult times we are using social media (currently Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) with the #saltairelockdownarchive. The idea is that you post on your own Social Media page and use the #saltairelockdownarchive (making sure that your page is public, so we can see it). We are also able to include submissions to our email with the subject heading Saltaire Lockdown Archive.

So what are we going to do with your contributions?

The overall aim is to create a record of the sides of life that have happened in our area that haven’t appeared in the news. We will look back at this time and forget just how many things have happened and how creative we can be as a community.

We will create a gallery on the website with some of the images/ videos that come through and hope that we may be able to have a physical display when the situation changes. We also aim for it to be added to the archive which is maintained by SWHEA and which records the history of Saltaire from its beginnings in the mid-19th century.  Selected images/ videos will be shared on our social media on a regular basis, so please make sure that everyone in any images/videos is happy being a part of this project.

We are also commissioning a local creative to complete a piece of professional work to complement the community contribution and more information about this will follow.

We hope that this will be a positive thing for the community and help to bring us closer while having to keep apart. Don’t forget to follow #saltairelockdownarchive